It's what's on the inside that counts

Food & Beverage
- Concept -

Healthy Food Concept

Our Food & Beverage Concept is to provide healthy diet to support different diet groups such as Keto, Low G.I. and Vegan. The ingredients we use are fresh, simple and healthy.

KETO Style

We use low-carb ingredients as well as 0 calorie sugar.
This reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.


And Yes! We do delivery! Wherever we go, we will work with the local Food delivery service.

VR/AR Room
- Concept -

Connect | Gaming | Fitness

A Multi-Functional Room for members to workout with FitFree or be connected to Metaverse with the VR devices that we have provided for members to do some gaming and workout remotely with friends.

Yoga Session
Working in Cafe
Co-Working Space
- Concept -

Co-Working Space

Any table and chair in the Hapi Café can become your Hapi Office. Members can access free Hapi Café wifi and bring along their clients for business presentations.


Meeting Room

We have meeting rooms and training rooms available for members to make bookings.

- Concept -

Complete Travel Experience

TripFlic provides a New Unique Travel Experience from Start till End.

From Digital to Physical

Using Virtual Reality to plan your trip with TripFlic. Get a preview of the attractions, hotel rooms, locations virtually while planning your trip with our Travel Advisors stationed at each Hapi Cafe.

Travel Insurance Coverage

Go on a trip with peace of mind. Hapi Travel provides a One-Stop Travel Solutions that travellers are able to apply for Travel Insurance while doing their travel bookings.

Couple Travelers
Interior of a Cafe
- Concept -


We want to expand globally!

If you are a café owner, like our concept, drop us an email, let’s work together!

If you are an entrepreneur, have experience in the F&B business, want to start a café with us to spread our concept! Drop us an email too!