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Keep yourself in shape by heading over to our

Fitness Area inside HAPI Cafe VR/AR Room!


Enter existing Virtual Reality Rooms or games to socialize, engage, exercise, and play games with people around the world.

Or, be spoilt by our Daily Schedule of various fitness programs brought to you by HAPI Workout.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality for WORKOUT & GAMING

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Woman in VR Headset
VR Workout
Friends in VR Battle

HAPI Metaverse

Interact & Be Connected to HAPI Members around the world. 

Other Fitness Programs

Stay and Keep Fit with HAPI WORKOUT!

A fitness activity program designed for members to get into shape and healthy together. 

Hatha Yoga


Pilates Stretches


Fitness Class


High-Intensity Interval Training

Zumba Class



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Hapi Meal White.png

HAPI Workout and Hapi Meal provide a complete wellness solution by offering subscription-based meals from Ketomei, specializing in Keto-diet meals, and FitFresh, offering healthy diet meals. Along with HAPI Workout's fitness programs, customers can achieve their health goals while enjoying delicious, nutritious meals tailored to their dietary needs. This partnership offers convenience and a personalized approach to health and wellness.


Making Fitness Nutrition

Easy & Effective

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