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We Are Expanding!

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Converting Existing Café

Existing café owners that have been adversely impacted by the pandemic, fret not! Let us help you out. We’ll provide you with resources and guidance to revamp your existing café into Hapi Café and what’s more, you’ll even get to integrate some of your existing menu items in it.

New Franchisees

Aspiring entrepreneurs that are exploring for a new business opportunity, look no further. Join us as we tackle real-world issues revolving around unhealthy diets by fostering a sustainable healthy living lifestyle. Together we can transform the way people eat, work and play, one café at a time.


- Opportunity - 
American Pacific Bancorp 2.png

American Pacific Bancorp provides up to 50% Finance Loan for Operation at the prevailing market interest rate.

Subjected to local authorities' regulations.


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For existing cafe owner, 

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