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Empower your financial future with Hapi Wealth Builder,

where education and opportunity converge.

We offer a space for Hapi Wealth Builder members to conduct classes and socialize.

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This platform provides educational programs to members on various investment or wealth building topics and alternative investment opportunities. Additionally, the platform also provides institutional research and trade notifications.

Our goal is to mentor and empower the masses to grow their wealth like an  affluent investor, leading them to financial independence and creating Millionaires  along the way. We aim to help people in their pursuit of Health, Wealth and  Happiness.

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[28 Days]
18 Oct - 15 Nov 2007

Capital: HK$ 100M / US$ 12.8M

Profit: HK$ 91M / US$ 11.7M

+ 1,145%

Annualized ROI

For reference only

2020 Tesla Trading

[10 Months] 1 Mar - 31 Dec 2020 

Portfolio #1

Capital: US$ 4Million

Profit: US$ 10.1Million

+ 353%

Annualized ROI

For reference only

[10 Months] 14 Feb - 14 Dec 2020

Portfolio #2

Capital: US$ 20,000

Profit: US$ 54,763

+ 385%

Annualized ROI

For reference only

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