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Food & Beverage | Co-Workspace | Workout | Travel

4-in-1 concept

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4-in-1  and more...

HAPI Cafe is a 4-in-1 concept cafe offering healthy food and beverages, co-working areas, VR fitness zones, and virtual travel previews.


However, we don't just stop there.

HAPI Café is part of a larger lifestyle group known as
HWH (Health Wealth Happiness) Lifestyle.


As a member, you'll have access to wealth-building education, health, wellness, and beauty products. HAPI Café creates a fun and engaging virtual space where members can socialize and work on their personal and professional aspirations, all within the HWH Lifestyle community.

Our Stores

Eat, Fit, Learn, Work, Play

At present, HAPI Café has outlets situated in the United States, China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Our objective is to grow HAPI Café quickly in areas where we have a large number of members.

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Same but Different

As part of our expansion strategy, we are actively seeking opportunities to expand HAPI Café in new locations. We are creating an ecosystem – Hapi Alliance, which is an effective way to reach more customers and offer our unique brand experience to a wider audience. We welcome inquiries from entrepreneurs who share our vision and are interested in joining the HAPI Café family.


Join us

Joining HAPI Alliances means becoming part of the HAPI Group, including HAPI Cafe. Members benefit from marketing, operational guidance, and financial support. HAPI Alliances offers a supportive environment for growth and collaboration. We welcome businesses who share our values to join our network.




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